his little princess 👑


what this show is really about

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If it’s okay, in what possible, limited time I have, please let me continue to bring you happiness and joy." - Kris

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Jongin, you’re staring again….o(〃^▽^〃)o

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A fan who was sitting beside the Happy Camp director said, the director actually wrote “Prank D.O.” on the cue card, but thruout the entire thing, Kyungsoo’s reflexes were too fast & wasn’t affected at all



can we take a moment to note that not only wasn’t he pranked, he was the one who caught the emcee and Chanyeol… 

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BAP on the 94th floor of a building

jongup: is this the air zelo normally breathes?

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damn you all (ノ)ノ

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sugakookie’s specialty: judging from the back

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4/5 Miracles in December Track list.

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“I’ll work hard to become a Jin of BTS that isn’t shy at all!” for nojimin

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